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Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine®) Consulting

KJC Consulting is focused on delivering business value and not just “installing a new ERP System”. Our team works with you to understand your organization’s goals and will develop the implementation plans to bring those to reality. We don’t just train users on key strokes, we help them to understand the software and how it works. Experience can make the difference between the success or failure of your ERP system implementation and our team is comprised of industry experts that can provide the specific type of consulting your organization requires.
We cover all aspects of Infor CloudSuite (SyteLine®) consulting from new implementation projects, upgrades, quick-start implementations or just general business improvement projects.

Two powerful features of SyteLine® are APS Planning and the Multi-site functionality. Alot of implementations avoid these due to a perceived thought of complexity. KJC Consulting Group has consultants who have extensive experience in successfully implementing both of these features.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine®) APS – Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Let us help move you from MRP to APS and demonstrate the benefits of increased customer service levels and better capacity management. We know the differences between “Finite APS” and “Infinite APS” and can assist you in choosing the right system for your business.


Our solutions are designed to improve business efficiency while decreasing operating costs. 

Multi-Site Implementation

Does your organization have multiple physical locations, or multiple legal business entities? We specializ in Multi-site implementations. Let us review your financial reporting requirements and material and planning requirements to determine the best structure for your business. Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine®) has the ability for single database structure or multiple database structure. Let us show you the Pros and Cons of each which will help you make a more informed and educated decision for what best fits your growing needs.

Our team can also provide assistance in optimizing replication, help you understand inter-site transactions and show you what replicates and what does not replicate automatically. We are multi-site experts and know what is required to set-up and configure Multi-site to individual requirements.

ISM – Infor Service Management

The Infor CloudSuite Service Management module can be flexible enough to work with many different service industries. The key is to understand all the available options before you begin setting up your system. We know all those parameter defaults for certain data elements; as well as, the service processes and transactions. Let us help you determine the best settings to best support your service needs and/or after market products.

QCS – Customer, Supplier, In-Process and Enterprise

Infor CloudSuite Industrial has a Quality Control add-on package which will record and report quality details. This package can be sold separately based on your quality needs. We are knowledgeable on all packages and can help you evaluate which modules will satisfy your quality requirements.

Workbench Suite

The Workbench Suite is used to help you report and interact with organization data in real time. It allows you to compare and report performance against goals and to select and display data in meaningful ways to your business. Unlike traditional reporting with fixed data, the workbench dataviews will allow you to report with live interactive data. We can show you how to create those on-the-fly reports.

SyteLine® Forecasting

Let Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine®) calculate your forecasts based on history and usage. The forecast module will determine future projected demand and update MRP and/or APS.


SytePlan is the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) within SyteLine®. It is the formal monthly
process to balance supply and demand with the organization’s overall goals of increased throughput, reduced operating expense and increased inventory turnover.

OPM – Outside Process Management

Does your company have outside processing performed? Let us show you how Infor Cloudsuite Industrial (SyteLine®) Outside processing module can help ship and track materials to a vendor for additional services.

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